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Samantha Dollahite was born on the East Coast, and moved to Riverside County when she was just 3 months old, and has lived here ever since. She studied business and marketing at California State University of San Marcos, and obtained her Bachelors degree in Business Management, with heavy emphasis on marketing and social media content marketing & design.

Samantha's career started with business consulting, social media strategic planning, and website building for various businesses. Although she knew she would be getting into real estate, she wanted to ensure that she had the basic foundation to running and owning a successful business.

She stepped into real estate while transaction coordinating for other real estate agents, and also worked as a marketing coordinator and social media content creator for the number one real estate office in the Inland Empire.

After largely preparing, building her knowledge, studying real estate law, and gaining experience in the industry, she whole heartedly entered the field and obtained her real estate license.

Today, she takes pride in working side by side the consumers, ensuring that they are fully supported and educated on the entire process of each and every transaction. She personally created and designed all of her marketing material, to ensure the quality of her advertisements are impeccable for her clients. She takes pride in guaranteeing her customers top notch service day in and day out, and enjoys being able to walk them through the process so that each client is completely comfortable with each and every decision that they will need to make.

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