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About Me...

I began my Real Estate Career in 1985 in Big Bear and have been with Westcoe Realtors since 1987. What a career it has been! Working at Westcoe with Top Professionals has been a learning experience with each of us supporting each other... If we put it in escrow, we will do everything to make sure the escrow is closed.

I am actually a "Broker Associate" which means I not only passed the test to be a "licensed agent"... I have the experience, have taken additional classes, and past the State Exam to be a "Broker". Am I knowledgeable? You Betcha! I step out of the box to help my clients locate the best financing for their needs including working with 1st time buyers. I educate my buyers and seller's thru the entire transaction and will always be there for them!

Experienced because I take the time to learn my job... I educate myself on the different programs available including Regular Sales, Probate Sales, Short Sales, Dealing with Bank REO's, etc.

I will soon be entering my 37th year in the business and still love what I do! Give me a call, we'd love to help! 951-640-4178