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HI Everyone,

My Name is Jaime Ayala I have been a Real estate professional since 2016 , You can say it was love at at first closing ! The joy of handing keys to a first time buyer is pretty special. its a feeling that never goes away after all these years . I'm extremely passionate about helping people with all of their real estate needs.

Little about me:

I moved to Riverside in 1997 from North Hollywood during my senior year of high school. It was not easy to adapt to my new school since at that time Norte vista was pretty much trailers and bungalows and coming from a high school that was as big as RCC, You get it 17 year old from LA . I thought of Riverside like a one- horse town lol But of course I found a job after school , started making friends and ended up loving my school and my new friends. As the years passed I found the love of my life while working at a fast food restaurant . As my life became "our life" I married the cutie from work , I started working in the grocery business to make more money for our future family. Fast forward to 2014 I made the decision to go back to school and get my RE license an enter the real estate world , Never looked back and absolutely love what I do.


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